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How To Become A Member Of Our Team

Our members consist of New Jersey State Certified EMTs and First Responders. These members have gone through rigorous training to learn how to properly care for patients. The EMT program is upward of 200 hours to complete. During the class, you learn the proper ways to control bleeding and ensure that your patient has adequate air flow and circulation for their bodies to be able to sustain life. You will also learn how to take blood pressures when you arrive on scene but also while in the back of the ambulance going to the hospital.

The First Responder program has some similarities. One of the main differences is that a First Responder is not allowed to be in the back of the ambulance with a patient without an EMT with them. We are always looking for new members. We provide our members with Free CPR and EMT training, multiple discount programs, beach passes to our city beaches, scholarships in squad and family oriented events. Being associated with the EMS Council of NJ; our members are also eligible for additional EMS Council of NJ Benefits.

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As we do not bill for our services and are a non profit 501C4 tax deductible organization. We heavily rely on donations from our community.